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What’s the top reason people leave their jobs – a lack of career development opportunities.

A recent McKinsey survey found 60% of people, who changed jobs last year, said they’d change again if their new role lacked career development opportunities. 

They found that 61% of workers said that the opportunity to learn new skills is an extremely or very important factor in deciding whether to stay in their current job. 

Clearly development is top of the list for employee engagement.

However, in most companies development conversations are often filed away and talked about once a year.

Imagine being able to facilitate on going conversations between individuals and their managers – about their development

Annual Performance reviews and KPI setting are all about the conversation. But in most companies this conversation happens once a year.

How many managers in your company have talked with their teams in the last month about their goals? Do individuals know how they can progress, have they got development plans and do they get the air time they deserve?

We wanted to make the process of creating, setting and discussing goals between managers and team members as easy as a text message. Find out how io-Teams could help your team.

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