Performance review process

How to create a great performance review process

There are 6 repeating steps in a great performance review process. These steps should be undertaken by the manager (thinking about their team member) and the team member (thinking about themselves). Let’s take a look at them:

  1. Review the previous period (could be the last year, the last quarter): Take some time out to make some notes and reflect on these questions:
    • What has gone well in the last year / quarter?
    • Where do you want to develop, what do you want to build on?
    • When you think about your career, what’s important in the medium term?
    • What help might you need to achieve your goals?
  2. Set goals for the upcoming period: Take some time out to think about your objectives, and also how you’ll measure them.
    • Objectives should be specific and describe key outcomes (for example: complete project A, on budget and by the 12th March)
    • Think about your overall goal, and break it into key objectives you need to achieve to hit your goal
    • KPIs (key performance indicators) should be measurable, indicators of performance (for example: open 10 new accounts)
  3. Meet to discuss the previous period and the goals for the upcoming period: The most important parts of the performance review process are the conversations, step 1 and 2, set you up for a great conversation. Book a meeting in and give yourselves at least an hour. Talk through your prior period review, and your objectives and KPIs for the upcoming period. Make notes and agree any changes.
  4. Track your progress: To get the most out of a performance review process it’s really important to track your progress, use an app like io-teams to keep notes on when your hitting goals, when you need to refocus or when the goals need adjusting.
  5. Discuss your progress, in weekly 1-1s and as required in more depth: regularly discussing objectives and KPI performance is a great way to keep you and your manager up to date with your performance, where you might need help, or where you’re hitting your goals.
  6. Repeat, at the end of the year (or quarter) go back to step 1 to review your progress and prepare your notes for a review and objective setting meeting.

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