How it works

We wanted to change the way performance reviews work. Paperwork begone!

Annual Performance reviews and KPI setting are all about the conversation. But in most companies this gets lost in a sea of paperwork.

With a simple set up to load your employee data into the I/O Teams platform, your organisation can be up and running in minutes.

1. The HR portal.

This is where everything happens for the HR team, you can set your teams up, add and remove team members and set dates for annual and quarterly reviews.

IO-Teams HR Control Pannel

The initial set up is as easy as uploading a list.

Upload a list of your employees to the secure HR portal, then you’re ready to start.

3. Welcome to the app!

Once the HR team have uploaded the employee list, each will receive an email with a link allowing them to set up their account and start setting their objectives.

Perfect for teams based at homes

We wanted to make the important conversions between manager and team member as easy as possible to conduct – even when you’re team is at home

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IO Teams

Founded in 2022, IO Teams wants to change the way performance review and personal career development is done.

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