How io-Teams works

Annual Performance reviews and KPI setting are all about the conversation. But in most companies this gets lost in a sea of paperwork. With a simple set up to load your employee data into the io-Teams platform, your organisation can be up and running in minutes.

1. Download the app and request an account.

The io-Teams app is where everything happens. We’ll help you quickly set up your company and send invites out to your team to download the app.

2. Now you’re in, time to set your goals

You’re now taken through a quick review process to set your goals for the coming period – these are shared with your line manager as you create them.

3. Set KPIs and Objectives

Next are KPIs and Objectives, the app lets you set as many as you need, review periods are flexible, so they could be monthly, quarterly or annual goals. Objectives and KPIs can be signed off by your line manager, and re-opened and edited in the future.

4. Discuss your Goals, KPIs and Objectives

Managers and team members are connected through the app, receiving notifications to let them know when a message arrives. Users can edit goals, KPIs and Objectives and managers can sign-off these off. Managers and team members can also chat in the app, discussing performance, receiving or giving feedback.

5. Prepare for your review

At the end of the period under review, you can prepare for a 1-1 discussion between manager and team member. The app provides space for the team member to record their notes and reflect on their performance, the manager can comment and add notes too. Meaning, when it’s time for the 1-1 you are fully prepared for the conversation.

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Perfect for teams based at homes

We wanted to make the important conversions between manager and team member as easy as possible to conduct – even when you’re team is at home


Founded in 2022, IO Teams wants to change the way performance review and personal career development is done.

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