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We built io-teams because we thought there was a better way to do performance reviews, and goal / KPI setting.

Career development is highly personal, everyone thinks about it slightly differently, and each’s companies approach is tailored to their unique set up.

We wanted to create a platform that is incredibly flexible, but more important highly conversational.

Observing interactions with our own teams lead us to believe a message based system would be the best place to create an ongoing dialogue between individuals.

So we created io-teams. Perfect for remote teams, scaleable from 2 person companies to 200,000.

Find out how io-teams could work for your company – drop us a note today and we’ll show you how it works.

Manage your team’s goals and KPIs in one place.

Receive feedback through the year.
Simple as a text message

Upgrade your employee goal setting processes.

Create team engagement through better reviews

We believe you can create the workplace culture you want through facilitating great communication


Founded in 2022, IO Teams wants to change the way performance review and personal career development is done.

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