Employee performance reviews and KPI setting

Change the way employee annual reviews happen in your company.

Imagine getting rid of all the paper work, and focusing on what matters.

Annual Performance reviews and KPI setting are all about the conversation. But in most companies this gets lost in a sea of paperwork.

We built io-Teams to change all of this – HR teams can start the annual review process with the click of a button. Team members are sent notifications to set up their annual goals and review last years objectives.

We wanted to make the process of creating, setting and discussing goals between managers and team members as easy as a text message.

With a simple set up to load your employee data into the I/O Teams platform, your organisation can be up and running in minutes.

HR teams get full visibility of the annual review process, enabling them to see which teams have completed their reviews, and which still have work to do.

Managers can see their teams goals and KPIs in one place, and can comment and discuss performance with team members through the year

Manage your team’s goals and KPIs in one place.

Receive feedback through the year.
Simple as a text message

Upgrade your employee goal setting processes.

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Create team engagement through better reviews

We believe you can create the workplace culture you want through facilitating great communication


Founded in 2022, IO Teams wants to change the way performance review and personal career development is done.

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